Core Services

AIC offers a variety of financial consultation and accounts receivable services. We aim to provide every customer with the tools and knowledge required to make smart financial decisions.

Together, we’ll help make your money work for you.

The majority of people we speak with have two things in common:

1. They want to pay their bill
2. They feel they are out of options

Few people have ever received training on how to handle debt – even fewer have learned how to manage it when they run into difficult times.  We’ve found a simple process that has worked for thousands of people struggling with debt and we feel it’s our job to help you attempt to navigate the process. It is based on five steps:

1. Gather Your Facts
2. Develop a Mutual Goal
3. Commit to Success
4. Execute Plan
5. Celebrate Your Success

Together, we’ll help create repayment plans that work for you. Give us a call today to take control of your finances.

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