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The Allied Atmosphere

Our Culture

Our Culture

Allied has developed a unique culture that is often admired by both our competition and other businesses in general. This culture is founded on the "Allied Way" and our Promise of Performance, both of which are the basis of our day-to-day practices. The "Allied Way" identifies the values that we work towards daily, and the Promise of Performance expresses our commitment to current and potential clients.

Our Philosophy

AIC’s philosophy can be summarised with two words: Goals and Accountability. We expect our employees to have far reaching but realistic goals, and we hold them accountable for attaining them. But AIC does more than that – we provide employees with the support they need to reach their goals and we celebrate when they hit them!


At AIC, you control your earnings.

In addition to regular monthly salary, Collection and Trace Officers are eligible for monthly individual and team bonus programs. Employees in non-production positions are eligible for quarterly profit sharing based on the results of their business unit.

We pay for performance. Your compensation is based on your efforts, not on seniority. Continual upward performance means continual upward rewards.

Incentive Programs

AIC believes in "having fun while getting the job done". Employees are eligible for a number of fun and exciting incentive programs including:

  • President’s Club – an annual all-expense paid trip to a destination resort
  • International Hall of Fame – a quarterly competitive ranking of production and support staff with cash prizes
  • Regular contests – monthly, quarterly, and annual challenges that reward employees for fantastic achievements

Management Accessibility

At AIC, our management is accessible to employees.

Managers sit with their employees, not in separate offices, so that they are always there to provide coaching or assistance. Senior executives, including the President, encourage an “open-door” style of management.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our call center facilities are among the best in our industry.

Employees are assigned their own workstations in an open atmosphere that balances contact with co-workers with individual space.

Some locations include fitness facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment and on-site fitness instructors.

9:30 AM 1/9/2013