AIC is a Canadian-based accounts receivable management firm, founded in 1955. We now operate nine offices across Canada, the U.K., the U.S., and the Philippines.

We offer a variety of financial consultation and accounts receivable services, aiming to provide every customer with the tools and knowledge required to make smart financial decisions.
Our core services include:

First-Party Collections

We work with our client’s customers to solve their unique challenges. We operate as an extension of our clients’ brands, with the goals of creating mutually beneficial solutions for both client and customer, while ensuring amazing customer interactions.

Third-Party Collections

Third-party collections is not the end of the relationship between the client’s brand and their customer. Whether we place a call to a customer in our name or that of our clients’, the experience must be a great one. We work with customers to solve difficult challenges with creative solutions.


Our dedicated skip-trace team works to reconnect our clients with misplaced customers, and help ensure that mutually beneficial solutions can be created.

Are you a customer who has been contacted by AIC?
Or do you represent a company looking for an experienced accounts receivable management firm?
Either way, we’d love to talk with you…

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North America: 1 888 478 8181
United Kingdom: 0141 457 7000

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